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Ex. 244. You are asking a friend for advice

Make questions with Do you think I / we should…?


1. There two buttons missing on this shirt I’ve just bought.

__Do you think I should take_ it back to the shop?

2. I think I work very hard but I don’t get a big salary.

______ my boss for more money?

3. Simon’s late again, and the train leaves in five minutes.

______ a bit longer or go without him?

4. Martina has been sleeping for 18 hours and it’s lunchtime soon.

______ her up?

5. Jane is very nervous about going on holiday alone.

______ with her?

6. We must be at the airport at 6.00 a.m. and the buses are not very good in the mornings.

______ a taxi?



Ex. 245. Complete the sentences with should (have) + the verb in brackets.


1. Diane __should pass_ _the exam. She’s been studying very hard. (pass)

2. You missed a great party last night. __You should have come.__ (come)

3. We don’t see you enough. You _________________________ and see us more often. (come)

4. I’m in a difficult position. What do you think I ____________________________? (do)

5. I’m sorry that I didn’t take your advice. I __________________________ what you said. (do)

6. I’m playing tennis with Jane tomorrow. She _____________________ - she’s much better

than me. (win)

7. We lost the match, but we __________________________. We were the better team. (win)

8. “Is Mike here yet?” “Not yet, but he __________________________ here soon. (be)

9. I posted the letter three days ago, so it _______________________ by now. (arrive)


Ex. 246. Read the situation and writhe sentences with should / shouldn’t.

Some of them are past and some are present.


1. I’m feeling sick. I ate too much. __I shouldn’t have eaten so much.______________


2. That man on the motorbike isn’t wearing a helmet. That’s dangerous.

He __should be wearing a helmet.____

3. When we got to the restaurant, there were no free tables. We hadn’t reserved one.


4. The notice says that the shop is open every day from 8.30. It is 9 o’clock now, but the shop

isn’t open yet. _______________________________

5. The speed limit is 30 miles an hour, but Kate is doing 50.

She ________

6. Laura gave me her address, but I didn’t write it down. Now I can’t remember it.

I __________

7. I was driving behind another car. Suddenly, the driver in front stopped without warning and I

drove into the back of his car. It wasn’t my fault.

The driver in front ____________________________

8. I walked into a wall. I was looking behind me. I wasn’t looking where I was going.



Ex. 247. Match the English sentences with their equivalents in Russian.


  1. You should write him a letter. 2. You shouldn’t write him about it. 3. Should I write him a letter? 4. You should have written him a letter.   5. You shouldn’t have written him about it. 6. Do you think I should write him about it? 7. Why should I write him about it?   8. Why should you have written him about it?   9. There is no reason why you shouldn’t write him about it.     1. Тебе не следует писать ему об этом. 2. Тебе следовало написать ему письмо. 3. Ты бы написал ему письмо. 4. С какой стати я должен писать ему об этом? 5. Не написать ли мне ему письмо? 6. Тебе не надо было писать ему об этом. 7. Не вижу причины, почему бы тебе не написать ему об этом. 8. Как ты думаешь? Мне нужно писать ему об этом? 9. Зачем тебе было писать ему об этом?

Ex. 248. Change the following sentences as in the examples.


I don’t advice you to work so hard. (Тебе не следует так много работать)

__You shouldn’t workso hard.


Why didn’t you tell Mr. Brown about it? (следовало рассказать)

You should have toldMr. Brown about it.

1. I am feeling sick. I am sorry I have eaten so much chocolate. (не нужно было есть)


2. I advice you to take some book to read on the train. (Ты бы взял)


3. Don’t forget your old friends, Bob. (не следует забывать)


4. Why did you touch upon this question? (не нужно было затрагивать)


5. He didn’t think about it earlier. (Ему бы надо было подумать)


6. You are not tactful enough with your colleagues. (надо быть более тактичным)


7. Please return these books to the library in ten days. (Вам следует вернуть)


8. Don’t spend money on unnecessary things. (Ты бы не тратил)


9. Why didn’t you introduce us earlier? (нужно было познакомить)


10. Don’t take medicine when you don’t need it. (не следует принимать)


11. It’s a pity you refused his offer. (не следовало отказываться)





Ex. 249. Complete the sentences with a word from the box.

can can’t should should should shouldn’t mustn’t must mustn’t mustn’t

1 You ______________ smoke in the library.

2 I think you ________________take the train; it’s faster than the bus.

3 I’m sorry, you _________________ buy drinks after 11 o’clock.

4 Jan: We’re getting married.

Sam: Congratulations.

Jan: But you _______________ tell anyone, it’s a secret.

5 If you’re worried about your eyes perhaps you ________________ see a doctor.

6 I don’t think we ________________ leave him; it’s not fair.

7 You know, you really _______________ smoke so much it isn’t good for you.

8 Now, you ______________ be good while we’re away, do everything Grandma says.

9 These are my most precious possessions so you _______________ touch them, but you

____________ look at them.



Ex. 250. Put can, may, must, should, have to, be able to (or the negative forms) and

needn’t in the spaces.


1 “Oh, Nurse, ____________ I stay here?” “Stay here? Of course, you ___________.”

2 There are no buses or taxis, so we _______________walk.

3 No, Paula you _____________ have another potato. You’ve had two already.

4 We _____________ live without food and water. We ___________ eat and drink.

5 I _____________ get up early tomorrow, so I ______________ go to bed late tonight.

6 You _____________ walk all the way to the station. You ___________ take a bus round

the corner.

7 You ___________ switch off the light if you’re afraid of the dark.

8 You ___________ sit there in your wet clothes; you will catch cold if you do.

9 They ____________ do all the exercises; it will be enough if they do four or five.

10 You ____________ do whatever you like.

11 Sooner or later one ______________ choose.

12 I ___________ read to the end of the story, because I want to see who gets the treasure.

13 She _____________ sing quite well.

14 You _____________ take a horse to water but you ____________ make him drink.

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