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Can you put the verbs in the correct form and solve this detective puzzle?


TREVOR STERNwas not a popular man, in spite of his wealth. He (1) lived (live) in a large house about a mile outside the village of Prenton. When he (2) was found (find) dead in his study, no one (3) cried (cry), not even his only daughter. It was soon clear that he (4) __________________________(murder).


Detective Inspector Blackledge took statements from his widow, Dorothy, his seventeen-year-old daughter, Lucy, his business partner, Gerald Brook, and his doctor.


DOROTHY:I (5) _______________(not /love) my husband, he was a cold and selfish man. But I (6) ____________________ (not /murder) him, either. After dinner last night he said he (7) ___________ (want) to check some business papers in his study. He (8) ______________

(have) a meeting with Gerald, his business partner, the next morning. He (9) ___________ (ask)

for some tea. That was about 9 o’clock. I (10) ___________________ (watch) a rather exciting film on television, so I (11) _____________ (tell) Lucy to take it to him. At quarter past nine Doctor Emerson (12) ___________ (call). I (13) ________________ (notice) the time because we (14) ___________________ (expect) him to come earlier. I (15) ______________ (answer) the front door bell. Trevor (16) ______________________( (still /shout) in his study. He and Lucy (17) _________________________ (obviously /have) a serious row. So I (18) __________

(take) the doctor into the sitting-room for a moment. Then Trevor stopped (19) ______________

(shout). I guessed Lucy (20) ______________ (go) out by the back door. Doctor Emerson went to the study. I think he wanted to persuade Trevor (21) ___________ (go) to the hospital for some tests, but Trevor (22) ___________________ (not /want) to go. I (23) ___________ (hear) him shouting again several times over the next twenty minutes. He called him an ignorant country doctor, and later he said something like “There’s nothing you can do!” I think Lucy (24) ____________ (come) into the house while the doctor (25) ____________________ (still /talk) to Trevor. I (26) ____________ (hear) the front door bang during a quiet few seconds when Trevor (27) ___________________ (not /shout). I was tired and fed up and went to my bedroom soon after that. My sister (28) _____________ (phone) and we (29) ________________ (talk) for ages. I (30) _____________ (tell) her I (31) ____________________ (decide) to leave Trevor.


LUCY:Mum (32) ____________________ (watch) some stupid film after dinner, so she made me (33) ____________ (take) Dad’s tea into his study. It was about nine o’clock. He was in a really mean mood. He shouted at me because I (34) ______________ (spill) a few drops of tea on his desk while I (35) _____________________ (pour) it. I (36) ______________ (not/want) to watch the film so I (37) _______________ (creep) out by the back door. I (38) _______________ (decide) to go to the village and use the public phone to call Alan. He’s my boyfriend. I (39) ________________ (never /like) Mum or Dad to be around when I (40) ______________________ (talk) to him. Especially yesterday, because Dad and I (41) _______________ (have) a stupid argument about Alan the day before. It (42)_______________

(normally /take) quarter of an hour to walk to the village. Perhaps it (43) _____________ (take) less time last night. I can’t prove I (44) _______________ (go) to the village. No one (45) ___________ (see) me when I (46) _____________ (walk) to the village. I (47) __________ (see) Gerald, that’s Dad’s business partner. He (48) _____________________ (stand) near the window in his sitting-room. He (49) _________________ (not /see) me, though, because it was dark outside. He (50) ___________________ (talk) on the phone, I think. Alan (51) ________________ (not /answer) the phone. Then I (52) ________________ (remember) he (53) ________________ (tell) me he (54) ____________________ (play) in a concert that evening. So I (55) _______________ (walk) home again, I (56) _____________ (meet) Gerald just before I (57) _______________ (reach) the house. He (58) ____________________ (look) for his dog. That was about twenty to ten. I came in by the back door as quietly as possible and went to bed. I didn’t want to see my parents again that evening.


DOCTOR:I (59) _________________ (call) at the Stern’s house at nine-fifteen, I (60) _________ (be) rather later than I (61) _______________ (plan) to be because I (62) ________________ (visit) another patient. When Mrs Stern (63) ____________ (let) me into the house she (64) ____________ (seem) rather embarrassed and (65) ______________ (show) me into the sitting-room. I could hear Trevor Stern (66) _______________ (shout) at someone in his study. Mrs Stern said something about teenage girls and that they (67) ________________(have)

problems with Lucy. Well, the shouting (68) ______________ (stop) almost immediately. So I (69) __________ (go) to his study. Lucy (70) __________________________ (already /leave) the room before I (71) ____________ (get) there. I tried (72) _____________________ (explain)

to Trevor why he needed (73) _________________ (have) these hospital tests, but he (74) ________________ (not /let) me. He said I (75) ___________ (be) an ignorant country doctor who (76) _______________ (not /know) what he (77) _____________________ (talk) about. I (78) ______________ (realize) it was no use (79) ___________________ (argue) with him so I (80) ______________ (leave) after only a few minutes. I was quite angry actually. I let myself out of the house without (81) ______________ (see) Lucy or Mrs Stern.


GERALD:Yes, Trevor was my business partner. We (82) _____________ (not /be) really friends. Yes, my house (83) ____________ (be) just round the corner from the Sterns. I (84) ____________________ (live) here for two years now. I (85) ____________ (have) a little cottage in the village. But I (86) ______________ (buy) this house when I started (87) _________________ (earn) a lot of money. I can’t really tell you very much about the night Trevor died. I took my dog for a long walk that evening, I (88) _____________ (go) up on the hills, away from the village. Then the stupid dog (89) ____________ (go) after a rabbit or something and I (90) _______________ (lose) him in the dark. I (91) ________________ (look)

for him when I (92) _____________ (meet) Lucy, as a matter of fact. She (93) _____________________ (walk) up the road towards their house. She (94) ___________ (seem) rather upset. I asked her if she (95) ________________ (see) the dog, but she said she (96) _______________ (not /had). She (97) ________________ (go) into her house and I (98) _______________ (find) him a few minutes afterwards. I was back home by just after quarter to ten.


Detective Inspector Blackledge showed the statements to her colleague, Sergeant Ross.

BLACKLEDGE: Well, Ross. What do you think? Who killed Stern?

ROSS: I don’t know. It (99) ______________ (not /be) his wife. She (100) __________________ (not /even /go) into the study.

BLACKLEDGE: But she admits she didn’t love him. Do you think she’s in love with the doctor?

ROSS: It’s possible. And perhaps Trevor Stern (101) _______________ (find out). But we know the doctor was at the hospital by ten o’clock that night. And that’s at least half an hour from the Stern’s house.

BLACKLEDGE: But that (102) ______________ (mean) he (103) ____________ (leave) the Stern’s house before half past nine.

ROSS: Exactly.

BLACKLEDGE: Anyway, Dorothy Stern told her sister she (104) _______________ (leave) her husband. She didn’t need (105) _________________ (murder) him.

ROSS: But what about Lucy?

BLACKLEDGE: Yes, there’s something about Lucy’s story which doesn’t quite fit. Let’s see, what did Gerald Brook say?

ROSS: That’s it! Lucy (106) __________________ (not /walk) to the village and back, if he (107) _______________ (meet) her at twenty to ten. She (108) _____________________ (still /shout at) by her father at nine-fifteen.

BLACKLEDGE: But look at all the statements. The times don’t fit.

ROSS: Neither do the facts. Someone (109) ________________ (tell) lies.

BLACKLEDGE: I think it’s time we (110) __________________ (make) an arrest.


Who did they arrest?



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