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Ex. 5. Read the proverbs and give their Russian equivalents

1. Little by little and bit by bit. 2. A little help is worth a great deal of pity. 3. A little learning is a dangerous thing. 4. Little things please little minds. 5. Little strokes fell great oaks. 6. Many are called but few are chosen. 7. You win a few, you lose a few. 8. More haste, less speed. 9. Least said, soonest mended. 10. Fewer clients, less money.

(The) other, (the) others, another


Study the following examples showing the use of the pronouns (the) other, (the) others, another.


Some people like coffee, other people like tea.

Some people like coffee, others like tea.

Why are you sitting here alone ? Where are all the others ?

Both of my brothers work. One of them is a driver and the other is an engineer.

Can I have another cup of tea?


Ø another is derived from an other and is used, accordingly, with nouns in the singular only.

Ø others and the others are used in the sentence as nouns.

Ex. 6. Read and translate the sentences. Comment on the words in bold type.

1. She was now listening to whoever it was on the otherend of the line. 2. And now let's go in and join the others.3. In 1900 the Uffizi gallery in Florence had 2,395 paintings on display. Today it shows just 500. The othersare locked away, almost never seen. 4. All European languages belong to the same family except for Finnish, Hungarian, Basque and one or two others.5. Bees carry pollen from one plant to another.6. The boxers went on hitting each other.7. Some books are useful to read, othersare just a waste of time. 8. He produced two films. One became a classic, the other passed unnoticed. 9. My Dad says he needs anothercar. 10. Some people are bitterly frustrated when this happens. Othersare not. 11. One man's meat is anotherman's poison. 12. I've got anotherthree books to read. 13. On the one hand it is true, on the othernot quite.

Ex. 7. Complete the following sentences with the pronouns other, others, the other, the others, another.

1. I've got two sisters. One of them is a nurse, ... is still a student.

2. Only two of us are here , ... students have already left.

3. Her two sons were playing in the garden. She turned her eyes from one to ... .

4. There was ... pause.

5. This hat is too small for me. Can you give me ... one, a size bigger?

6. Alec whispered something from ... side of the table.

7. Some people like spring, ... prefer summer.

8. She went to the kitchen and came back with ... cup of tea.

9. I've brought two of the books you gave me. I'll bring ... books nехt Friday.

10. I'm not doing any English, I'm busy with ... things now.

11. Three parachutes opened one after ... .

12. He entered the room and saw Mike and Martha sitting on the sofa. He looked first at one, then at ... .

13. He wanted to get to ... side of the river.

14. I've lost my cigarette-lighter. I'll have to buy ... one now.

15. Some people are lazy, ... are energetic. Most people are a mixture of both.

16. Excuse me, waiter. Could you bring me ... fork? I dropped mine on the floor.

Ex. 8. Translate into English.

1. Мы встречались на днях. Мы давно не видели друг друга. 2. Это, так сказать, оборотная сторона медали. 3. В моей группе было двенадцать студентов. Четверо были иностранцы, остальные москвичи. 4. У них две дочери. Одной семь лет, другой пять. 5. Одни блюда легко готовить, другие нет. 6. Мы неправильно друг друга поняли. Дайте мне еще один шанс. 7. У нас два балкона. Один выходит на юг, другой на восток. 8. Мы изучаем много предметов. Одни нам интересны, дру­гие нет. 9. Закрой один глаз, потом другой. 10. Де­вочка шла в школу в первый раз в первый класс. В одной руке у нее был портфель, а в другой букет цве­тов. 11. Некоторые люди нравятся нам, другие нет. 12. — У меня два зонтика. Один красный, а другой черный. — Да, некоторые люди любят яркие цвета, другие темные. 13. Люди не решались смотреть друг на друга. 14. Мне нужно еще раз взглянуть на эту картину. 15. Какие еще сведения вы нам принесли? 16. Дело провалилось, потому что партнеры не дове­ряли друг другу. 17. Люди должны помогать и дове­рять друг другу. 18. Но если меня обидят, то я не ста­ну подставлять другую щеку. 19. Извини, но не было другого способа сделать это. 20. Я подожду, пока вер­нутся остальные. 21. С одной стороны, это хороший шанс, а с другой стороны, это опасно.

Reciprocal pronouns


Each other one another


Study the difference between -selvesand each other/one another:

Tom and Ann stood in front of the mirror and looked at themselves.(= Tom looked at Tom and Ann looked at Ann)


Tom looked at Ann; Ann looked at Tom. They looked at each other.

Tom, Ann and Nick looked atone another.(more than 2 people)


Sometimes it’s said you can use one another instead of each other.

How long have you and Bill known one another?(or known each other.)

Sue and Ann don't like each other,(or don't like one an­other.)


Ex. 1. Insert each other, one another.

1. They can't help themselves, they love ... . 2. The place is full of crazy people who talk to ... all the time and ignore everybody else. 3. They have known ... for years and years. 4. The members of this club meet regularly in ...'s homes. 5. She and John looked at... . 6. He began opening bottles, ... after ... . 7. We know ...’s minds very well. 8. All the children kept silent. They didn't dare to look at ... . 9. She found ... excuse after ... to postpone the meeting. 10. We'll get there ... way or ... . 11. He ate ... sweet after ... till the box was empty. 12. They hate being apart. They phone ... every day. 13. The business failed because the partners distrusted ... .

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