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Ex. 3. Choose the correct pronoun

1. Bob is one of (our, us, ours) best pupils.

2. It isn't (my, mine) bag. I've left (my, me, mine) at home.

3. I've just waxed the floor. Don't walk on (it’s, it, its) yet.

4. Let (they, them, their) read the story again.

5. (You, your, yours) ticket is on the table and where is (her, she, hers)!

6. (Your, you, yours) house is not far from (our, us, ours).

7. Whose cigarettes are these? They may be (our, ours) cigarettes. Oh, yes, they are (our, ours).

8. (Our, ours) car is faster than (their, theirs).

9. Could you help me sort out these things? I cannot tell which are (your, you, yours) and which are (we, our, ours).

10. This is not (my, mine, me) car. (My, Mine, Me) is a 1980 model.

11. We know (they, them, theirs) very well and both Peter and Nell know (we, us, ours).

12. You can do it without (mine, my, me) help but not without (they,

their, theirs).

13. Can I borrow (your, yours, you) umbrella? — I'm sorry, it isn't (me, my, mine).

14. Who told you about it? — A friend of (you, your, yours).

15. This suitcase isn't (us, our, ours). There's somebody's name on it.

Ex. 4. Translate into English.

1. Можно мне воспользоваться твоим принтером? Мой ремонтируют. 2. Этот калькулятор наш, а тот их. 3. Это редкая книга, ее стоимость очень высока. 4. Ты знаешь, что все, что я имею — твое. 5. Не паркуй свою маши­ну рядом с моей. 6. Это недорогой фотоаппарат, но его качество хорошее. 7. Все это случилось не по моей вине. 8. Ты не знаешь, что это такое — быть мной. 9. Конференция открывается через несколь­ко дней, а ее программа еще неизвестна. 10. Ну что же, выбор за вами. 11. Он рассказал мне свою исто­рию жизни (life story), а я свою. 12. Один из ваших пациентов только что звонил. 13. Он закончил пись­мо и подписался «Искренне Ваш Роберт».


Reflexive Pronouns


The reflexive pronouns are:

singular myself / yourself (one person) / himself/ herself / itself

plural ourselves / yourselves (more than one person) / themselves

We use myself, himself, yourself etc., when the subject and the object are the same.

Study this example.

Georgecut himselfwhen he was shaving this morning. I don't want you to pay for me. I'llpay for myself.Julia had a great holiday. Sheenjoyed herselfvery much.



It's not our fault. Youcan't blame us.It's our own fault. Weblame ourselves.


Ø We do not use myself / yourself etc. after bring / takesomething.

Ex. 1. Read and translate the sentences.

1. You're a maverick like me. Always be yourself, Mai, always be true to yourself. 2. But I've forced myself to keep going, to function. Being incredibly busy works wonders. I learned that myself a long time ago. 3. Jake knew deep within himself that they were from wholly different worlds. 4. In fact, he considered himself to be in command of the situation. 5. She felt herself choking up for a reason she couldn't explain. 6. The smile spreading itself across her face was one of pure radiance. 7. Myself I never read best-sellers on principle. It's a good rule of thumb. If the masses like it, then I'm sure that I won't. 8. The seals sunned themselves on the warm rocks. 9. We prefer living by ourselves. 10. His son always gets himself in trouble. 11. Every teenager looks forward to taking the car out by himself. 12. May you not burden yourself with a need to make sense out of everything!

Ex. 2. Put in myself/yourself/ourselves etc. or me/you/us etc.

1. Julia had a great holiday. She enjoyed herself.

2. It's not my fault. You can't blame ... .

3. What I did was wrong. I'm ashamed of ... .

4. We've got a problem. I hope you can help ... .

5. "Can I take another biscuit?" — "Of course. Help ... !"

6. Take some money with ... in case you need it.

7. Don't worry about Tom and me. We can look after ... .

8. I gave them a key to our house so they could let ... in.

9. When they come to visit us, they always bring their dog with … .

Ex. 3 Fill in the blanks with suitable self-pronouns.

1. They have only ... to blame. 2. Who knows better than Mark ... what he should do? 3. The mayor ... cut the ribbon to open the new city hospital. 4. That woman has put ... in a difficult position. 5. The governor ... will speak at the university. 6. One can easily injure ... while skiing. 7. You cannot expect a baby to take care of ... . 8. You may burn ... with matches. 9. After a busy day he likes to be .... 10. Bach dedicated ... to music. 11. We had to throw ... on the mercy of "Intourist". 12. The hunter accidentally shot ... in the foot. 13. I had a good, proper look at ... in the mirror tonight. 14. I'm sorry that I didn't make ... clear. 15. — It's hot, Mommy. Can I take my T-shirt off? — I don't think you should, darling. I don't want you to expose ... to the sun. 16. People like to unburden ... to complete strangers. 17. He was beside ... with anger. 18. She allowed ... to be led from the room.


Ex. 4. Translate into English.

1. Он угрожал уморить себя голодом, если они не опуб­ликуют его стихи. 2. Очень часто дети были предоставлены сами себе.3. Соберись, ты же мужчина! 4. Она слишком много о себе думает. 5. По утрам я готовлю себе чашечку кофе и бутерброд. 6. Сам ре­шай свои проблемы. 7. Если вы хотите все изменить, то начните с себя. 8. Пойми, ты лжешь самому себе. 9. Устраивайтесь поудобнее и угощайтесь фруктами. 10. Я сама об этом позабочусь. 11. Осторож­но, не ушибись! 12. Я сам чувствую, что был неправ. 13. Позаботьтесь о себе! 14. Никто не сделает это за тебя, тебе придется сделать это самому. 15. Представьтесь, пожалуйста, молодые люди. 16. Мы очутились в совершенно незнакомом месте. 17. Расскажите нам о себе.


Indefinite Pronouns


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