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Ex. 1. Раскройте скобки, употребив глагол в одной из форм настоящего времени

1. Don’t rush me. I (work) as fast as I can.

2. There’s nobody here, and the door’s locked. What we (do) now?

3. I (study) hard of late. I’ve got exams next week.

4. Who (drive) the Mercedes that’s parked outside?

5. It’s only ten o’clock but the secretary already (make) ten business calls.

6. I (type) this report since yesterday and I’m only halfway through.

7. I know that since January he (be) in charge of the department reorganization.

8. This place is in a terrible mess! What on earth you (do)?

9. I (search) for my car keys but I (not see) them anywhere.

10. How many people you (invite) to your party?

11. We (use) this room today because the window in the other room is broken.

12. It’s the first time he (come) in due time.

13. On some occasions this hall (hold) up to 300 people.

14. Since I last stayed at this hotel, they (put) their prices up.

15. What you (look) at? I (wear) the wrong clothes?

16. I (not like) the new office manager, she continually (bother) me with silly questions.

17. Sorry about the mess! The workmen (install) new equipment in the office all the morning.

18. I (not see) you for ages. What you (do)?

19. I still (have) a pain in my leg but it (get) better.

20. “You (recognize) this man?” “I (think) that I (meet) him before but I (not remember) his name.”


Ex. 2. Дополните письмо, употребив глагол в одной из форм настоящего времени.

Dear Aunt Annie,

I (1) (write) to tell you how much I (2) (appreciate) the money you (3) (send) me, and to tell you how I (4) (get on) in my first term at university. I (5) (study) quite hard, but at the moment I (6) (spend) a lot of time just making friends. I still (7) (stay) with my friend Sue, and I (8) (look for) somewhere of my own to live. Only a few of the first-year students (9) (live) in college here, and I (10) (seem) to be spending a lot of time traveling backwards and forwards. I (11) (go) to lectures every morning, and most afternoons I (12) (study) in the library. In fact I (13) (write) this letter instead of an essay on “Hamlet”.

I (14) (think) I’ll buy some new clothes with the money you’ve sent. Everything (15) (cost) a lot here, and I already (16) (save) enough to buy a winter coat. It (17) (get) really cold here in the evenings. I now (18) (know) some other students and generally speaking we (19) (have) quite a good time socially! I also (20) (learn) to drive.

See you soon.



Ex. 3. Translate the sentences from Russian into English, using one of the Present Tenses.

1. Когда вы встаете? – Я встаю без четверти семь.

2. Я только что позавтракал.

3. Она еще не читала этой книги.

4. Я уже три дня об этом думаю.

5. Моя сестра пьет кофе с молоком. А я всегда предпочитал черный кофе.

6. Мы очень рады вас видеть. Мы вас ждали целый месяц.

7. Вы все еще читаете эту книгу? Сколько времени вы ее уже читаете?

8. Моя сестра занимается музыкой уже пять лет.

9. Я ищу тебя весь вечер. Где ты был все это время?

10. Мы знаем друг друга уже четыре года.

11. Я всегда хотел изучать английский язык.

12. Где дети? – Они все еще играют во дворе.

13. Мой друг знает английский с детства.

14. Я уже полчаса наблюдаю за тобой.

15. Ваш брат еще болен? – Нет, он уже поправился. Он уже три дня занимается физикой. Он хочет получить отличную оценку на экзамене.

16. Мне уже давно хочется прочесть эту книгу.

17. Я уже двадцать минут пытаюсь найти свою старую тетрадь.

18. Они уже девять лет живут в Нью-Йорке.

19. Моя тетя – артистка. Она всегда любила театр.

20. Ваш папа уже вернулся с севера? – Да, он уже две недели дома.


Ex. 4. Выберите один из предложенных вариантов ответа.

1. What time …your classes…?

a) is; starting

b) do; start

c) does; start

d) has; started


2. It…harder and harder nowadays to enter a university.

a) gets

b) has been getting

c) has got

d) is getting


3. How long…you…this information?

a) have; had

b) do; have

c) have; been having

d) are; having


4. It’s the second time I… on a business trip abroad.

a) am

b) have been

c) am being

d) be


5. “What are you listening to?” “It seems to me I… a strange noise outside.”

a) hear

b) am hearing

c) have been hearing

d) has heard


6. It…years since I felt satisfied with my job as much as I did last week.

a) have been

b) is

c) are

d) has been


7. Jill came to our company three years ago and… here ever since.

a) works

b) work

c) has worked

d) is working


8. No mater how long the holiday is, I always… I want a few days more.

a) feel

b) am feeling

c) has felt

d) feels


9. Mike… to his former classmate on the phone for half an hour now.

a) is talking

b) talks

c) has talked

d) has been talking


10. Linda is very disappointed. She… her test.

a) has failed

b) is failing

c) fails

d) failed


11. Mrs. Hastings’s secretary… on the phone! No wonder it’s practically impossible to get through.

a) is constantly talking

b) has constantly been talking

c) constantly talks

d) is constantly talk


12. How long… on this project so far?

a) do you work

b) have you work

c) are you working

d) have you been working


13. “Has he agreed to your offer?” “No, he still… it over.”

a) has thought

b) thinks

c) has been thinking

d) is thinking


14. Who… your office lately?

a) has cleaned

b) has been cleaning

c) cleaned

d) is cleaning


15. She is very tired and her eyes are red…. on the computer.

a) Is she working

b) Has she worked

c) Has she been working

d) Does she work





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