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Ex. 3. Choose the correct grammar form to translate a predicate


1. Этот дом был построен в прошлом году.

a) was being built

b) has been built

c) was built

2. Сейчас здесь строится новый супермаркет.

a) is being built

b) is building

c) is built

3. На этой неделе преподаватель объяснил (препо­давателем был объяснен) новый материал.

a) had been explained

b) was explained

c) has been explained

4. Новое здание института уже построили, когда я поступила на юридический факультет.

a) was built

b) has been built

c) had been built

5. Студентов экзаменуют два раза в год.

a) are being examined

b) is examined

c) are examined

6. «Вы были невнимательны, когда объяснялось это правило», — сказал преподаватель.

a) was explained

b) had been explained

c) was being explained

7. Цветы уже политы.

a) are watered

b) have been watered

c) were watered

8. Такие столы делают из дорогого дерева.

a) are being made

b) have been made

c) are made

9. Этот фильм никогда не показывали по телевизору.

a) has never been shown

b) was never shown

c) had never been shown

10. Мою квартиру отремонтируют к субботе.

a) will be repaired

b) will have been repaired

c) is being repaired

11. Списки все еще печатаются.

a) are typed

b) are being typed

c) have been typed

12. Их еще не пригласили.

a) were not invited

b) had not been invited

c) have not been invited

13. Вам сообщат об этом завтра.

a) will be informed

b) will have been informed

c) are informed

14. Когда я вошел, обсуждение было прервано.

a) had been interrupted

b) was interrupted

c) has been interrupted

15. Земля была покрыта снегом.

a) was being covered

b) was covered

c) had been covered

Ex. 4. Change the sentences from active to passive. Include the "by-phrase" only if necessary.


1. Bob Smith built that house. That house was built by Bob Smith. 2. Someone built this house in 1904. This house was built in 1904. (by someone = unnecessary) 3. People grow rice in India. 4. People speak Spanish in Venezuela. 5. Do people speak Spanish in Peru? 6. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. 7. When did someone invent the wheel? 8. People sell hammers at a hardware store. 9. People use hammers to pound nails. 10. The president has cancelled the meeting. 11. Some­one has cancelled the soccer game. 12. Someone will list my name in the new telephone directory. 13. Someone serves beer and wine at that restaurant. 14. Something confused me in class yesterday. 15. Something embarrassed me yesterday. 16. Someone has changed the name of this street from Bay Avenue to Martin Luther King Way. 17. Someone filmed many of the Tarzan movies in the rain forest in Puerto Rico. 18. My uncle will meet you at the airport. 19. Lightning didn't cause the fire. 20. Mr Snow hasn't taught that course since 1990. 21. The best chess player will win the match. 22. A special committee is going to settle the dispute. 23. Did the army surround the enemy? 24. The Persians invented windmills around 1 500 years ago. 25. No one will collect the garbage tomorrow. 26. People spell "writing" with one "t". 27. People spell "written" with two "t's." 28. The University of Minnesota has accepted me. 29. People held the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, Korea. 30. No one delivers the mail on holidays. 31. My grandmother made that table. 32. Did my directions confuse you? 33. A maid will clean our hotel room. 34. A doctor has examined the sick child. 35. The police arrested James Swan. 36. The news will amaze you. 37. The news will shock Steve. 38. Did Johnny break the window? 39. They are fixing my car today. 40. Look! Someone is feeding the seals. 41. People didn't build Rome in a day. 42. Someone cut down that tree last week. 43. Sally made that pie. 44. Someone is considering Jack for that job. 45. Three continents surround the Mediterranean Sea. 46. Where do they file that information? 47. Before we arrived, someone had chained the dog to the fence in the backyard. 48. Did the noise from the neighbour's apartment annoy you last night? 49. Do they make those tractors in this country, or do they import them? 50. They will not provide pencils at the test, so please bring your own. 51. Someone has offered Mike the opportunity to study abroad. 52. When I was living in Kuwait, my neighbour taught me Arabic. 53. Someone awarded Jason a medal for distinguished service in the military. 54. The real estate office will send you a copy of the sales contract. 55. Someone handed me a telegram when I opened the door.


Ex. 5. Correct the information of the sentence, ask your partner a question to know the proper information and let him answer.


You: Coffee is grown in the Netherlands. You: Is coffee grown in the Netherlands? – Your partner: No, coffee is not grown in the Netherlands. You: Where is coffee grown? - Your partner: It’s grown in Brazil.


1. Champagne is produced in Lebanon. 2. Rolls-Royce cars are made in Japan. 3. Paper is made from plastic. 4. Rice is cultivated in Europe. 5. President Kennedy was killed in NY. 6. Sunflowers was painted by Renoir. 7. Coca-Cola has been produced for over two hundred years. 8. Penicillin was invented by Botkin. 9. Next winter Olympic Games will be held in Madrid. 10. H-bomb was invented by Leo Landau. 11. Paper money was invented in Egypt. 12. The Berlin Wall was knocked down in 1982. 13 Dynamite was invented by Faraday. 14. The telephone was invented by Wilhelm Roentgen. 15. Gunpowder was invented by the Russians.


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