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Задание 5. Раскройте скобки, употребив нужную степень наречия/прилагательного. А



Задание 1. Определите степень прилагательного/наре­чия. Дайте русские эквиваленты.

1) Coolest, 2) thicker, 3) less, 1положительная,

4) greatest, 5) worst, 6) strongest, 2 сравнительная,

7) better, 8) slower, 9) green, 3 превосходная

10) smallest, 11) least commonly,

12) best, 13) less difficult, 14) most

wonderful, 15) clever, 16) quickly,

17) more seldom, 18) less

interesting, 19) farther, 20) more


Задание 2. Переведите предложения на русский язык.

1. Your eyes are darker than Ann's eyes. 2. In summer this room is cooler than all other rooms. 3 In winter it is the best and warmest room in our house and I like it best of all 4. Susan's new dress is even worse than her old one. 5. His hands are less and whiter than mine because I work more 6. In autumn the weather is colder than in spring though it is warmer than in winter. 7 Are your children younger than ours? 8. Who is the youngest child in your family? 9. The English grammar is easier than the Russian one. 10. There is more sugar in my tea than in yours. 11 Our flat is less comfortable than theirs. 12. It is the most important experiment. 13. He runs more quickly than you. 14 Most of my friends live in Moscow. 15. You miss classes more often than your brother and know the material worse. 16. What is the nearest

way to the station? 17. Mike is his best friend, isn't he? 18. What is better — friendship or love? 19. We live farther from the center than you. 20. Russia is tne largest and richest in minerals country.

Задание З. Образуйте сравнительную и превосходную степени от данных наречий и прилагатель­ных.

1. Tall, long, easy, hot, big, cold, nice, badly, large, strong, short, wide, good, happy, high, low, busy, well, little, many, far, clever, dirty, clean, much, bad, red, white, warm, black, quick. 2. Necessary, quickly, interesting, comfortable, popular, commonly, clearly, active, wonderful, pleasant, famous, beautiful, difficult, important, slowly, generally, unpleasant, friendly.

Задание 4. Употребите соответствующую степень прила­гательного/наречия.


1. Now I speak English (well) than last 1. -er
  year. 2. — est
2. This is (beautiful) park in our city. 3. the — est
3. Your house is (high) than ours. 4. more
4. The Volga is (large) river in Europe. 5. less
5. It is (cold) in winter than in autumn. 6. most
6. This film is (interesting) I've ever seen. 7. the most
7. New method is used (commonly) than 8. the least
  the old one. 9. better
8. My son plays football (well) of all. 10. worse
9. Today I feel (badly) than yesterday. 11. best
. His task is (difficult) than mine. 12. the best
. A.C. Doyle is one of (famous) writers in 13. worst
  the world. 14. the worst


12. Who is (good) student in your group?

13. English is one of the (important) languages today.

14. (Many) of our relatives live in Russia.

15. Can you do it (quickly) than we?

16. February is (short) month of the years.

17. Is this (far) village in your region?

Задание 5. Раскройте скобки, употребив нужную степень наречия/прилагательного. А.

1. Winter is (cold) season of the year. 2. Moscow is (large) than St. Petersburg. 3. Which is (long) day of the year? 4. The Caucasus are (high) mountains in Europe. 5. (Long) day has an end. 6. It is one of (important) questions of our conference. 7. Friendship is (strong) than steel. 8. Who knows him (well) than you? 9. They have (little) interest in this work than we. 10. Health is (good) than wealth. 11. Ann worked (well) of all. 12. He was going home (slowly) than usually. 13. Time is (good) doctor. 14. She is (young) child in this family. 15. What is (near) way to the Drama theatre? 16. Text two is (interesting) than text one. 17. Peter is tall but his brother is (tall). 18. You made (many) mistakes than others. 19. He is (popular) singer in Great Britain. 20. This room is (comfortable) than that one. 21. It's (warm) day of the week.


1. This map is too small. I need a (big) one. 2. He isn't very strong. His brother is (strong). 3. It was a good film. In fact, it was (good) film I've ever seen. 4. Of course, your story is interesting but I prefer (interesting) ones. 5. I wasn't well yesterday but today I feel (well). 6. She was (beautiful) о them. 7. Which of them runs (quickly) — Mike or Sam? 8. My

room is not large. Yours is (large). 9. Who knows him (well) that you? 10. That Sunday was a cold day. Perhaps, it was (cold) day of the year. 11. I agree, your task is difficult but mine is (difficult) of all. 12. He is a popular writer, one of (popular) in the world. 13. There are many long rivers in our land. Which of them is (long) one? 14. This week I have (little) work than usually. 15. Which of the lakes is (deep) - the Ladoga or the Baikal? 16. It was (bad) day in his life. 17. What is (near) way to the railway station?

Задание 6. Выберите правильный вариант перевода.

1. The harder you work, the better are the results.

а) Работайте упорно, будут лучше результаты, в) Чем упорнее вы работаете, тем лучше результаты.

2. This library is as large as ours.

а) Эта библиотека больше нашей.

в) Эта библиотека такая же большая, как и наша.

3. She is not so tall as her sister.

а) Она не такая высокая, как ее сестра, в) Она не выше своей сестры.

4. You know English as well as Russian.

а) Вы знаете английский лучше, чем русский.

в) Вы знаете английский так же хорошо, как

и русский.

5. The nearer autumn is, the colder the days are.
а) Чем ближе осень, тем холоднее дни.

в) С приближением осени дни становятся холоднее.

6. The Don is not so long as the Volga.

а) Дон не такой длинный, как Волга, в) Дон не длиннее Волги.

7. I need this book as much as you do.

а) Мне нужна эта книга больше, чем вам. в) Мне нужна эта книга так же, как и вам.


8. Your son has as many friends as you have,
а) У вашего сына столько же друзей,
сколько и у вас.

в) У вашего сына больше друзей, чем у вас.

9. The more you miss lectures, the worse you know the

а) Пропуская много лекций, вы хуже будете знать


в) Чем больше вы пропускаете лекций, тем хуже вы

знаете материал.

10. His new book is much better than the old one.

а) Его новая книга гораздо лучше, чем старая, в) Его новая книга так же хороша, как и старая.

11. Summer is as nice as spring.

а) Лето так же прекрасно, как и весна, в) Лето лучше весны.

12. The harder he will work, the better will be the results,
а) Если он будет работать усердно, результаты
будут хорошие.

в) Чем усерднее он будет работать, тем лучше бу- дут результаты.

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