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Entertainment, suggestions, Развлечения, предложения,

Invitations приглашения

Active vocabulary

Days of the week.

1. week – неделя

2. day – день

3. Monday – Понедельник

4. Tuesday – Вторник

5. Wednesday – Cреда

6. Thursday – Четверг

7. Friday – Пятница

8. Saturday – Суббота

9. Sunday – Воскресенье


10. idea – идея

11. suggestion – предложение

12. invitation – приглашение

13. a diary – дневник

14. a reply – ответ

15. hospitality – гостеприимство


15. to go out – провести время вне дома

16. to go to the theatre – пойти в театр

17. to have dinner – поужинать

18. to see a film – посмотреть фильм

19. to have lunch – пообедать

20. to go to a disco – пойти на дискотеку

21. to come to Jane’s party – пойти на вечеринку Джейн

22. to drive to the seaside – поехать к берегу моря


23. I’m busy – Я занят

24. Let’s go – Пойдем

25. That’s a good idea – Это хорошая идея

26. together – вместе

27. in a diary – в дневнике

28. to look forward to – ждать с нетерпением

29. I’m afraid – боюсь...

30. a previous engagement – заранее договоренная встреча

31. at another time – в другое время

Exercise 38

The answers are all days of the week.

  1. The day before Thursday.
  2. The day after Monday.
  3. The day before Tuesday.
  4. The day between Wednesday and Friday.
  5. The day before Sunday.
  6. The day before Saturday.
  7. Everybody’s day off.

Exercise 39

This is Simon’s diary. He would like to go out with Anne. There are suggestions for places to go on his diary. In pairs, invite Anne out as Simon does and reply as Anne does:

Simon: Would you like to go to the theatre with me on Monday?

Anne: Yes, I’d love to.

I’m sorry. I’m busy on Monday.

MON go to the theatre? THU have lunch ?
TUE have dinner? FRI go to a disco ?
WED see a film? SAT come to Jane’s party ?
  SUN drive to the seaside ?


Exercise 40

Mary and Helen are discussing what they would like to do together this week. Take your ideas from Simon’s diary. Make suggestions and reply as Mary and Helen do:

Mary: Let’s go to the theatre together on Monday.

Helen: That’s a good idea.

I’m sorry. I’m busy on Monday.

MON Go to an exercise class THU See friends
TUE Go shopping FRI Go for a walk
WED Go to a restaurant SAT Watch television
  SUN Play tennis

Exercise 41

Look at this invitation and the reply.

John and Susan invite you to a party at 33 Honister Avenue,

Newcastle NE23PA on Saturday 7th November at 8 pm

7 Park Avenue

Newcastle NE1 4AJ

2nd November

Dear John and Susan,

Thank you very much for your invitation to the party

on the 7th of November. I’d love to come.

I look forward to seeing you both.

Love, Carolyn

NBTo refuse an invitation you can write.


Thank you very much for your invitation to the party on 7th November.

I’m afraid I have a previous engagement for that evening.

I look forward to seeing you at another time.

Exercise 42

Write an invitation to a party or to dinner and send it to someone else in the class. Reply to the invitation you receive.



Exercise 43

Write about yourself.

· What would you like to do this week?

· What would you like to do this weekend?

Exercise 44

Can you find seven mistakes in this invitation?

15 Mobray road

Newcastle NE2 3PA

2 November

Dear Susan,

I is having a dinner party 21st november for a few friends.

It starts about 8. Would like to come?

I’d love to see you again.

Yours sincerely, Сarolyn


Exersise 45

Reply to this invitation:

109 Claxton Grove

Newcastle NE1 5JD

2nd November

Dear John and Susan,

Would you like to come to dinner on Wednesday 11th November at 7.30?

We look forward to seeing you.



David and Ann

Exercise 46

Read the text.

Alexandra Adler continues her seminar on cross–cultural issues. Entertainment and hospitality vary a lot in different cultures.

· In country А, entertaining is important. There are long business lunches in restaurants, where deals are discussed. Professional and private lives are separate, but clients are never invited home.

· In country B, evenings are spent drinking and singing in bars with colleagues and clients.

· In country C, lunch can be important, but less than in country A. Important contacts may be invited to dinner at home. Corporate hospitality is a big industry, with clients invited to big sports events.

· In country D, restaurants are rare outside the capital. Some entertainment takes place when important clients are invited to people’s houses for dinner, or go sailing or to country houses for the weekend, etc.

Exercise 47

In which country might you hear these things?

  1. How about a trip out tomorrow afternoon? We could see some horse racing and have a glass of champagne.
  2. Do come out with us this evening! I know some great bars. How’s your singing?
  3. What are you doing this weekend? You should come to our summer cottage. You’ll meet my family and we can take the boat out.
  4. Let’s get out of the office to discuss the deal. I know a nice restaurant near here, with some very good local dishes.


Exercise 48

Read the sentence 1–12. Put the numbers in the appropriate box below.

invitation declining an invitation offer to buy a drink ordering eating accepting negative and alternative
  1. How about a meal in a restaurant tonight?
  2. Unfortunately, I’ve got to leave this afternoon.
  3. Would you like a Martini?
  4. Actually, I’d like a white wine, please?
  5. What can I get you to drink?
  6. I’ll have a dry white wine, please.
  7. That would be very nice.
  8. Would you like meat or fish?
  9. Well, I’d prefer something vegetarian.
  10. I think I’d like the roast duck, please.
  11. How’s the duck?
  12. It’s delicious. How’s your fish?


Exercise 49

Complete the exchanges below. The first has been done for you.

  1. We’d like to invite you for a drink. (decline) – Thank you. But unfortunately I have an appointment.
  2. How about a meal tomorrow evening? (accept) – Thank you. That __________________ .
  3. Can I get you a drink? (accept) – That’s very ________. I ____________ an orange juice.
  4. Would you like a beer? (decline) – No, __________ . Could ___________ a glass of wine?
  5. (in a restaurant) Have you tried the local fish? (no, but accept the suggestion) – No, ________________ that.
  6. I’d recommend the roast lamb. (decline/you like chicken) – No, actually, ____________ chicken.
  7. (after the meal) Thank you for coming. It’s been a pleasure. (thank your host) – Thank you _______________ .

Exercise 50

What would you say in the following situations?

  1. Your host invites you to the theatre. Accept the invitation.
  2. Invite someone to eat with you tomorrow night.
  3. In the restaurant, recommend the fish.
  4. In the restaurant suggest wine.
  5. Comment on your meal.
  6. Ask your partner what his/her prawn cocktail is like.
  7. Say what your roast chicken is like.
  8. Suggest more water.
  9. At the end of the meal, your guest thanks you. Respond.
  10. At the end of the evening at the theatre, thank your host.


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