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Look- through-the text activity

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Find all organizations of the hospitality industry mentioned in the text.

The hospitality industry consists of land category of fields within the service industry that includes lodging, restaurants, event planning, theme parks, transportation, cruise line, and additional fields within the tourism industry. The hospitality industry is a several billion dollar industry that mostly depends on the availability of leisure time and disposable income. A hospitality unit such as a restaurant, hotel, or even an amusement park consists of multiple groups such as facility maintenance, direct operations (servers, housekeepers, porters, kitchen workers, bartenders, etc.), management, marketing, and human resources.

The hospitality industry covers a wide range of organizations offering food service and accommodation. The industry is divided into sectors according to the skill-sets required for the work involved. Sectors include accommodation, food and beverage, meeting and events, gambling, entertainment and recreation, tourism services, and visitor information.


Make a list of jobs in the hospitality industry. Start with those given in the text.

Which activity mentioned in the text copes with casinos?

Task 1. Vocabulary

1.1 Find words or phrases in the text with the following meanings: accommodation, eatery, spare time, establishment, numerous, repairs, barmen, drinks, convention, gaming.


1.2 Match the following words with their definitions:


1.Lodging a) a place to have fun where the whole area is based on one subject such as water or space travel  
2.Theme park b) amount of money you have left to spend after you have paid your taxes, bills etc.  
3.Leisure c) a place to stay
4. Disposable income d) time when you are not working or studying and can relax and do things you enjoy  
5. Amusement park e) a hot or cold drink
6. Maintenance f) a place with many special machines that you can ride on, such as merry-go-rounds  
7. Beverage g) the repairs, painting etc. that are necessary to keep something in good condition  


Task 2. Comprehension.

2.1 Say if the following statements are a) True b) False c) Not given:

1. The hospitality industry involves the service industry and the tourism industry.

2. The hospitality industry is rather profitable business.

3. Wining and dining are not included in the hospitality industry.

4. The hospitality industry depends on the seasons.

5.Each hospitality unit consists of different departments.

2.2 Complete the following passage with given words: hotel, restaurants, beverages, area, theme, gaming, guests, establishment, amenities, Thailand, entertainment, resort, the USA.

A destination resort is a resort that contains, in and of itself, the necessary guest attraction----- —that is to say that a destination resort does not need to be near a destination (town, historic site, theme park, etc.) to attract its-----. A commercial ----- at a resort destination such as a recreational area, a scenic or historic site, a ----- park, a ----- facility or other tourist attraction may compete with other businesses at a destination. Consequently, another quality of a destination resort is that it offers food, ----, lodging, sports and-----, and shopping within the facility so that guests have no need to leave the ----- throughout their stay. Commonly these facilities are of higher quality than would be expected if one were to stay at a ----- or eat in a town's-----. Some examples are Atlantis in the Bahamas, the Walt Disney World ----- near Orlando, Florida, -----, Laguna Phuket in ----- and Sun City near Johannesburg in South Africa.


Give a short summary of the unit. Tell your group mates about the field of the hospitality industry you are working or going to work at. Give reasons of your choice.



Revise the tenses



  The Simple (Indefinite) Tenses
утвердительные вопросы отрицания
Present V1 do does V1 do does not V1
Past V2 did did
Future will V1 will will
ключевые слова: Present Simple usually, always, often, every day, never
Past Simple last week, yesterday, last month, days ago, the other day, long time ago, in 2001
Future Simple soon, tomorrow, next Monday, in the future
примеры: Present Simple Every day I go to University. He always goes there as he works as a teacher. Where do you usually go on hollidays?
Past Simple Yesterday we went to the cinema. When I was young I lived in France. What time did he get up this morning?
Future Simple I'll visit my uncle tomorrow. Will you finish the task? He won't do this as he is too lazy.
пояснения: Времена группы Simple (Indefinite) употребляются, когда речь идет о привычном действии или некоем факте в настоящем, прошедшем или будущем.


  The Continuous Tenses
утвердительные / вопросы / отрицания
Present am is are Ving
Past was were
Future will be
ключевые слова: Present Continuous still, at the moment, at present, Look!, Listen!
Past Continuous at six o'clock yesterday, when my father came, while
Future Continuous when she arrives, at 7 next Monday
примеры: Present Continuous We are writing an essay at the moment. She isn't working at the moment.
Past Continuous We were playing tennis when the rain started. He was watching TV while I was reading a book.
Future Continuous Will you be playing tennis when I come? Tomorrow at six I'll be writing letters.
пояснения: Времена группы Continuous Simple используются для обозначения действия, происходящего в момент речи в настоящем, прошлом или будущем. Также для обозначения процесса. Основным отличием от группы Simple является то,что Continuous выражает временное действие , в то время как Simple выражает постоянное действие.


  The Perfect Tenses
утвердительные / вопросы / отрицания
Present have has V3
Past had
Future will have
ключевые слова: Present Perfect since, for, ever, never, just, already
Past Perfect when we arrived, yesterday at four, before
Future Perfect by the time, tomorrow at eight.
примеры: Present Perfect I have never been there before. We've just had lunch.
Past Perfect I didn't know who that man was. I'd never seen him before. When the firemen arrived, the house had already burned down
Future Perfect The film will already have started by the time we get to the cinema. Next year they will have been married for 25 years.
пояснения: Времена группы Perfect обозначают действие, результат которого имеется в настоящем, прошлом или будет достигнут в будущем.


  The Perfect Continuous Tenses
утвердительные / вопросы / отрицания
Present have has been Ving
Past had
Future will have
ключевые слова: Present Perfect Continuous how long, for, since, all day, before
Past Perfect Continuous
Future Perfect Continuous
примеры: Present Perfect Continuous My hands are dirty. I've been repairing the car. I have been learning English for 7 years.
Past Perfect Continuous The ground was wet. It had been raining before.
Future Perfect Continuous Tomorrow I'll be tired as I'll have been working hard this evening.
пояснения: Времена "Past Perfect Continuous" и "Future Perfect Continuous" встречаются довольно редко. Эти формы выражают действие, которое закончится к определенному моменту в будущем. Обычно их стараются заменить их чем-нибудь более простым и приемлемым для ежедневного обихода. Однако понимание их может помочь вам разобраться в структуре образования времён английских глаголов в целом.


№1 Open the brackets

  1. Luxury hotels (to provide) facilities a wealthy guest may need.
  2. I already (to leave) the hotel.
  3. I (to reserve) a double room last week.
  4. (to enjoy) you our hotel, sir?
  5. We (to take) a two-day trip when our friends (to arrive).
  6. The American Automobile Association (to classify) hotels by diamond award.



№ 2 Choose the right form

  1. The first inn located in America ….. in the year 1607.

a. appeared

b. has appeared

  1. Budget hotels …..clean albeit simple rooms that …. the basics of places to sleep and shower.

a. offers, provides

b. offer, provide

  1. Caring for travelers ….. a fundamental element of civilized societies since long before the birth of the hospitality company.

a. has been

b. was

  1. At one time travel agents almost …..... the hospitality industry.

a. controlled

b. were controlling. They …. largely responsible for creating consumer's travel plans and offering specified rates.

a. were

b. will be

  1. What were you doing when we ….?

a. checked in

b. were checking in

  1. The price of the room..... not a concern for everyone, but most people are budget-conscious and can't just spend whatever they ….. to on accommodations.

a. is, want

b. is, wanted

7. Two million people …... the Catalonian region last year, reinforcing its status as one of the premier holiday destinations in the world.

a. visited

b. had visited

8. A fantastic charity event ….... in Dublin towards the end of October, one which is sure to offer the perfect thrill during the Halloween season.

a. take place

b. is taking place

9. If you ….... a trip to the magnificent Snowdonia National Park for a relaxing break and staying in one of the many North West self- catering cottages you …..... the forthcoming Snowdonia Walking Festival during October 12 – 14.

a. will plan, are enjoing

b. are planning, will enjoy


№ 3 Fill in the gaps using the words given. Use the verbs in the correct form.


To pick, to offer (2), to want, to be, to provide, to pay, to need, to include.


The Hotel is a very popular choice indeed. Many people (….) a hotel for accommodation for a number of reasons. One such popular reason is the luxury service that (…..). A holiday, for many people is a chance to unwind and relax and be waited on hand and foot*. Having people on hand to provide you with anything that you (…..), extra food or a late night drink (….. ) too much trouble as many hotels (…..) 24 hour room service. Most hotels are usually of a nice clean standard and are able to offer great comfort and quality in a warm and welcoming décor. As well as having room service on hand, many hotels (…..) other services on site such as spa treatments, gyms, swimming pools, saunas, facials, pedicures as well as massages. Many of these extra services (…..) in the cost of the room so you (…..) to be careful when treating yourself or you could be the owner of a rather large bill (…..) at the end of your holiday.


*wait on someone hand and foot - to serve someone very well, attending to all personal needs.


№4 Explain the meaning of the words


to provide









№ 5 Match the synonyms


1. hotel A. amusement
2. standard B. level
3. entertainment C. sphere
4. beverage D. inn
5. superb E. excellent
6. provide F. drinks
7. industry J. afford



№6 Paraphrase.


1. the bed and breakfast proves to be a popular choice

  1. with out a large budget
  2. a comfortable and relaxing break
  3. the welcoming atmosphere
  4. at a much reduced cost


№ 7 Fill in the gaps with necessary words.


Alternative, available, relaxing, cost, welcoming, service, tailored, choice, type, affordable, accommodation.


B &B's are usually more affordable (…..) to the hotel. The bed and breakfast proves to be a popular (…...) for those with out a large budget. This (…..) of accommodation provides all that is needed for a comfortable and (…...) break. It might not provide the same experience as a hotel but the (….) of your stay will account for that. Usually offering a more homely feel to your stay, the bed and breakfast can be seen as your home away from home. The (…..) atmosphere can also bring along a (…...) that is very individual and (…...) to your needs. Room service is (….) usually at a much reduced cost compared to hotels. This type of (…...) is usually situated close to or in the town which can prove ideal for those with out a car. In most cases you pay for what you get, so this is often a great (…...) way to stay in a range of accommodation at a fraction of the cost.


№ 8 Summarize the text in English.


На сегодняшний день индустрия гостеприимства – это одна из крупных и быстро развивающихся систем сектора экономики. В любом гостиничном предприятии важное место отведено гостеприимству.

Анализ мировых тенденций в индустрии гостеприимства позволяет сделать вывод, что эта сфера деятельности имеет высокий доход и стремительные темпы развития.
Современная отечественная индустрия гостеприимства находится в процессе становления и направлена на получение прибыли от сотрудничества со своими клиентами. Нестабильная экономическая и политическая ситуация вызвала ряд проблем, с которыми столкнулась индустрия гостеприимства. Именно поэтому фирмы вынуждены пристально изучать складывающуюся конъюнктуру рынка. Поиск и использование фирмами различных форм бизнеса стали особым моментом для эффективного управления предприятиями индустрии гостеприимства. Существующая в настоящее время практика функционирования гостиничного бизнеса не отвечает мировым стандартам и требованиям, что вызвано низкой доходностью предприятий, связанных с управлением и эксплуатацией гостиниц. Отечественным предприятиям индустрии гостеприимства принадлежит наибольшая часть рынка, что выражается в низкой доходности и невозможности конкурировать с такими предприятиями, которые сконцентрированы в основном в Москве и Санкт-Петербурге. Иностранные корпорации создают монополию на российском рынке индустрии гостеприимства. А российские компании в свою очередь с легкостью отдают то, чего добились за определенный промежуток времени. Это объясняется тем, что отечественные предприятия отвыкли работать в конкурентной среде, следить за новинками на мировом рынке, внедрять новые программы и технологии. Названные факторы негативно влияют на желание клиентов пользоваться услугами подобных предприятий.


Project Work

In small groups make a list of the characteristics of hospitality industry.

Compare your lists with your fellow students. Explain each point.


Unit 2 Types of Hotels

Text 1


Try to give your own definition ofa hotel.

Name basic facilities you expect to find in a hotel.

Do you know how hotels are classified?

Think and say if all hotels provide meals.

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