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RECEPTIONIST Can you use a PMBX switchboard? Are you polite? Have you got a good telephone manner? A well–known firm of accountants needs an experienced receptionist. Typing preferred but not essential. Good pay and good working conditions. Write to: Helen Ferns, Box 6390. FILING CLERK/PERSON FRIDAY Large industrial firm requires a filing clerk/person Friday to help in a large office. If you’re intelligent, qualifications are not important. Send details to: Daniel Milgrom, Box 2061. SECRETARY Efficient secretary wanted to work in a small friendly office. Experience is not essential if you can use a wordprocessor. Reasonable starting salary. Good promotion prospects. Ring 0772 854 5246 or write to: Neil Warner, Preston Goods, 37 Highgate Road,Preston, Lancs PR2 4LN.

Exercise 108 º ( We Mean business, ex 113, p 60)

David Richards is applying for the job of filing clerk/person Friday advertised in the Evening Star. The principal of his college, Oliver Howard (Bay House College, 19 Ingleborough Road, Birkenhead, Cheshire L42 6RD) is writing a letter of recommendation for him. He is dictating the letter to his secretary. Listen to the tape and write the letter. Use the correct business letter format. These are the words in the letter (without any punctuation or capital letters):


dear mr milgrom thank you for your letter of 2 november i am very happy to give david richards a reference for the job of filing clerk person friday he is cheerful pleasant and very helpful in class and he is intelligent and also efficient in his work i can certainly recommend him for the job yours sencerely

Exercise 109

Write a letter of recommendation for Carolyn Bennet from Brian Keith of Laws Secretarial College (13 Canonbury Lane, Inskip, Lancs PR4 2EL). Carolyn is applying for the job of a secretary advertised in the Evening Star.


Exercise 110

Which job are you interested in? Write about the reasons why you are interested in that job.


Crazy People Wanted

Dynamic sales and marketing company is looking for 10 fun people to help to expand in Leeds and beyond.

If you want a fast paced career, management training and great earning potential in Sales and Marketing, Client Presentation, Trainee Management

Don’t delay call Hazel today on 0113 245 2727

Customer Reception Front Desk/Telephones

Our receptionist is a key member of the New Horizons team, providing Excellent Customer Service and all round support to the office. You must have a pleasant, outgoing personality and a confident manner. Good keyboard and organizational skills are essential. You will be based in our modern York City Centre offices.

Hours 8 to 5 Monday to Friday

Salary Scale £9000 – 11 000

For details ring Martha on 0113 242 3030



£6 – £7 per hour

We urgently require experienced secretaries with excellent typing and organizational skills. A good telephone manner and sharp administration skills are essential.

In return we can offer excellent rates of pay, holiday pay.

If you feel you have the necessary qualities, call Shirley, Heidi or Ashley at – Taskmaster 0113 244 2660


Security Professionals

Wanted now

£3.90 –£4.60 p.h.

We are recruiting now for security staff for prestigious sites in West Yorkshire. We offer attractive salaries, holiday and sickness pay, training and free uniform. Opportunities for advancement. If you are 19+ with a checkable history for security screening phone for an interview

0845 600 6999



I’m interested in the job of ___________________ because___________

Lesson 11 Урок 11

Making appointments Назначение встреч

Active vocabulary


1. an appointment – встреча, договорённость

2. schedule – план, расписание

3. anything – что–либо

4. a board – правление

5. meeting – совещание

6. an arrangement – соглашение

7. future – будущее

8. an order – приказ, распоряжение

9. a list – список


10. quick – быстрый

11. possible – возможный

12. free – свободный

13. own – свой, собственный

14. often – частый, часто


15. must – должен, должна

16. to write down – записать

17. to take a day off – взять отгул

18. to show round – показать вокруг

19. to attend – посещать

20. to entertain – развлекать

21. to suppose – полагать

22. to remember – помнить

23. to forget – забывать


24. for lunch – на обед

25. all day – весь день

26. if possible – если возможно

27. how about – как насчёт

Grammar notes

Настоящее время группы Continuous (Progressive)употребляется также для выражения заранее намеченного, запланированного действия, которое совершится в будущем, часто в ближайщем будущем. В этом случае в английском предложении обычно имеется обстоятельство времени, указывающее на будущее время.

The manager is going to the conference tomorrow.

Менеджер идёт на конференцию завтра.

Exercise 111

Make up sentences putting the verbs into Present Continuous.Translate.

1. Sylvia Drake / Monday / show around the plant / Ms Patel

2. Michel Moore / from two till four / discuss / the new prototype

3. Simon Young /pick up / at the airport at three / Mr Steiner

4. Sheila Baker / work / from 10 am on Tuesday / on new promotion

5. Nick Walton / to the marketing Manager / show / a demonstration of the new software

6. We / to new offices / next week / move

7. They / run / next month / a series of training seminars

8. Our advertising agency / a new compaign / work on / this week

9. Luisa / show around the office / next Monday / some foreign guests

Exercise 112

Write questions.

1. you / go / out tonight? Are you going out tonight?

2. you / work / next week? ………………………………………………

3. what / you / do / tomorrow evening? ………………………………….

4. what time / Bob and Sue / come? …………………………………….

5. when / Liz / go / on holiday? ………………………………………….

6. who / visit / the customers / on Tuesday? ……………………………..

7. we / have / a meeting / in the afternoon? ……………………………..

8. what / Sarah / do / at the weekend? ……………………………………


Exercise 113

Today is Monday. This is a page from Sheila Baker’s diary for the week. Ask and answer questions about what Sheila is doing this week, like this:

Sheila: What am I doing today?

Am I doing anything tomorrow?

on Wednesday?

at the weekend?

Anne: You’re seeing Mr Smith at 10 o’clock this morning and Mr Parker at 11. You’re not doing anything at lunchtime. You’re going to a board meeting this afternoon at 2 o’clock.

Monday am 10 see Mr Smith 11 see Mr Parker pm 2 go to a board meeting Thursday am 10attend sales conference in Brighton all day pm
Tuesday am 10.30 see Mr Matthews 11 lunch – Lorenzo Magnani pm 4 show L.M. round the department Friday am 10 see Michael Cass pm 1.30 Gill Negus
Wednesday am 11.30intervew new sales staff pm visit the new warehouse Saturday Sunday

Exercise 114

Marisa Balzarini wants to make an appointment to see Sheila Baker this week.

Fill in Ann’s half of this telephone conversation. Take your information from Sheila’s diary.

Marisa: Hello. Can I make an appointment to see Sheila Baker, please?

She knows I’m coming this week.

Anne: ______________

Marisa: Thursday, if possible. Is she free in the morning?

Anne: I’m afraid ______

Marisa: Well, how about Tuesday?

Anne: I’m sorry. She ___

Marisa: No, I can’t meet her for lunch today or on Wednesday.

Anne: ________________

Marisa: Well, I’m free in the morning, but I’m entertaining some

customers this afternoon.

Anne: ________________

Marisa: Oh well then, I suppose it must be next week.

Exercise 115

Lorenzo Magnani, the sales representative from Italy, is visiting BOS headquaters this week. This is his schedule.


Mon: lunch Fred McLean pm Board meeting ____________________________ Tue: lunch Sheila Baker pm visit sales department Wed: am Howard Spenser lunch pm visit new warehouse eve theatre with Marisa Balzarini

Write a few sentences about what he is doing this week.

Exercise 116

Look at the dialogue below and put the words in the correct order.

Receptionist: you good help I can afternoon ?

Tom: to an got Mrs Kerr two I’ve at yes half see appointment past

Receptionist: you your give please could me name

Tom: Kennedy Dataplan it’s Tom from

Receptionist: long Mr Kennedy be won’t she

Tom: don’t I that’s waiting mind OK


Exercise 117

Use one word to complete the gaps in the dialogue.

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