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Asking the way Спросить дорогу

Active vocabulary


1. a map – карта

2. a post office – почта

3. a supermarket – универсам

6. a market – рынок

7. a newsagent’s – газетный киоск

8. a bank – банк

9. a cinema – кинотеатр

10. a hotel – гостинница

11. a museum – музей

12. a park – парк

13. a concert Hall – концертный зал

14. a swimming pool – бассейн

15. a public library – публичная библиотека

16. a station – станция, вокзал

17. a centre – центр

18. a street – улица

19. a road – дорога

20. a way – путь

21. a sign – знак

22. a side – сторона

23. a T–junction – Т–образный перекрёсток

24. a crossroad – перекрёсток

25. a roundabout – кольцевая развязка

26. an exit – выход

27. a turning – поворот

28. a tourist – турист

29. a visitor – посетитель

30. a guest – гость

31. a citizen – гражданин


30. straight ahead – прямо вперёд

31. on the left – налево

32. on the right – направо

33. take a turning – поверни

34. turn right/ left – поверни направо / налево

Some useful phrases

Could you tell me the way to…?

How do I get to…?

Is this the way to..?

Go across the square.

Go through the park.

Go past the cinema.

Go along the street.


Exercise 134 º (We Mean Business ex 122, p 65)

Listen to the conversation about Harlow on the tape. Use these words to fill in a copy of the key:

BOS Post office Supermarket Newsagent’s Bank Cinema

Exercise 135

You are at the station. Ask your way to places on the map and say how to get there, like this:

A: Excuse me. Can you tell me the way to the newsagent’s please?

B: Certainly. Go straight ahead. At the roundabout take the second exit. Then take the first road on the left. The newsagent’s is on the left.

Exercise 136

This letter was torn up (разорвано) and thrown away by mistake. Put the pieces in the correct order and rewrite the letter using the correct format.

NBFive small pieces of this letter are missing. Fill in the missing words.


Exercise 137

Give short answers to these questions about the letter.

1. Who is the letter to? 7. When is Joyce’s interview?

2. Who is the letter from? 8. What job does Joyce want?

3. Who do you think typed 9. Is Joyce travelling by car or by

the letter? train?

4. Where does Joyce McAndrew 10. What colour is the BOS

live? building?

5. Is Joyce married?

6. Is Sheila Baker married?

Exercise 138

Sheila Baker wrote a similar letter to another applicant for the job, Rachel Snell (93 Lee Road, London SE3 4XB). Her appointment is after Joyce McAndrew’s at 11.45. Write the letter and explain how to get to BOS from the station.


Exercise 139

Match sentences to their translations.

1. There are a lot of coffee shops and pubs in the shopping center. 7. В вашем городе есть театр?
2. Is there a theatre in your town? 8. А что находится рядом со зданием вашего офиса?
3. What is there next to the office buildings? 9. Рядом с парком – большая больница.
4. There is a very good library in our town. 10. В торговом центре множество кафе и пивных.
5. There is a big hospital next to the park. 11. Есть ли какая–нибудь заправочная станция поблизости от светофора?
6. Is there a petrol station next to the traffic lights? 12. В нашем городе есть очень хорошая библиотека.


Exercise 140

Fill in prepositions where it is necessary.

1. How do I get …. the hospital?

2. Turn right … the cross–roads.

3. Is this the way …. the bank?

4. The Post–office is next …. the police station.

5. Could you tell me the way …. the museum?

6. The bank is …. front … you.

7. I have an appointment … the Globe Park Business Estate.

8. There’s a car park …the centre of the town.

9. The souvenir shop is … the right–hand side of the street.

10. Go straight ahead …the roundabout.

11. Stop … the T–junction and turn … left.


Exercise 141

Ask general questions.

1. This is the way to the cross–roads.

2. Elizabeth works in the tourist information office in Marlow.

3. I was at the Globe Park Business Estate yesterday.

4. You can come to a large roundabout.

5. The lady is looking for a restaurant in this area.

6. The tourists were looking for accomodation in the area.

7. You must first look at the lights and then cross the road.

Exercise 142

Fiil in articles if necessary.

· Excuse me! Is there …. petrol station near here?

· Turn right at ….. end of …… road. It’s on ….. left. About … hundred meters.

· Excuse me! How can I get to …. Bridge Street?

· Go straight ahead for about …. kilometre. You come to some ….. lights. Turn left at ….lights. And …third on ….right is …Bridge Street. There is …cinema on …corner.

· And is there ….car park near ….Bridge Street?

· There is ….car park in ……town center. There are ….signs. You can’t miss it.

· Thank you very much.


Exercise 143

Tell a tourist how to get to these places.

R– the restaurant; PO – the post office; B –the bank

H –the hotel; S –the station; CP –the car park







´ B

´ =you and the tourist

Useful language:

· Exuse me. Can you tell me the way to ...?

· Go straight ahead.

· Take the first/second turning on the right/left.

· Then turn right/left.

· The ... is on the right/left.


Lesson 14 Урок 14

Problems Проблемы

Aktive vocabulary

Nouns Adjectives

1. matter – дело 18. terrible – ужасный

2. message – сообщение 19. urgent – срочный

3. headache – головная боль 20. boring – скучный

4. cold – простуда, холодный 21. rest – остальной

5. aspirin – аспирин 22. circular – круглый

6. suggestion – предложение

7. mail – почта

8. day off – отгул


9. borrow – занять

10. hate – ненавидеть

11. lie down – лечь

12. take – принять

13. think – думать

14. like – нравится

15. dislike – не нравится

16. answer – отвечать

17. enjoy – наслаждаться


23. What’s the matter? – В чём дело?

24. Why don’t you...... – Почему бы Вам не .......

25. You should....... – Вам следует......

26. be fed up with – быть сытым по горло

27. can’t stand – не выдержать

28. be bored with – надоесть

29. be tired of – устать

30. go to bed – лечь в постель

31. all day long – весь день

32. all the time – всё время

33. a lot of – много

Exercise 144 º (We Mean Business p 68)

Mary, Simon, Anne and Helen are having lunch together in the canteen. Listen to the dialogue, read and translate.

Simon: Well, Anne. This is the end of your first month at BOS. How do you like it?

Anne:I love it. I really enjoy secretarial work.

Helen:Secretarial work is boring. I don’t like typing or filing or taking shorthand...but I need money.

Anne:What’s the matter, Mary?

Mary:I’m not feeling very well. I’ve got a terrible headache. I think I’ve got a cold.

Simon: You should go to bed. Why don’t you take the rest of the day off?

Mary:That’s a good idea.

Helen:Some people have all the luck!


Exercise 145

Answer the questions.

1. How long ago did Anne join BOS?

2. What does Helen think about secretarial work?

3. What is the matter with Mary?

4. Helen thinks someone is lucky. Who?


Exercise 146

These three people at BOS have got problems. Have short conversations giving them suggestions, like this:

Simon: What’s the matter, Helen?

Helen: I haven’t got any money.

Simon: Why don’t you borrow some?

(You should borrow some.)

Helen: That’s a good idea.

Helen Mary Simon
I haven’t got any money I’ve got a terrible headache I’ve got to get an urgent message to someone in Hong Kong
1. borrow some 2. see your bank manager 3. work in the evenings 1. go home 2. lie down 3. take an aspirin Can you think of any other suggestions? Think of suggestions for Simon’s problem.


Exercise 147

Make sentences with I think … should … Choose from:

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