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Have a holiday Go to university Sell it Go home now Go to the doctor

1. It’s late. I think we should go home now.

2. Your car is very old. I think you ………………………………….

3. They need a change. I think ………………………………………

4. He doesn’t look well. I ……………………………………………

5. She’s very intelligent. …………………………………………….

Make sentences with I don’t think … should … Choose from:

Stay there Phone them now Go to work today Get married

1. It’s very late. I don’t think you should phone them now.

2. They are too young. I don’t think ………………………………..

3. That hotel is too expensive for us. I ……………………………..

4. You are not very well. ……………………………………………

Exercise 148

Suggest solutions or give advice for the following problems.

  1. The photocopier has broken again. _______________ (call/the engineer)
  2. I feel terrible. I’ve got a headache and a sore throat. __________ go home.
  3. I’ve lost an important letter. ___________ (look in/the filing cabinet)
  4. We cannot agree a date for the meeting. _________________ (wait/a week or two)
  5. I can’t decide which restaurant to go to. ________________ (try/Oat Cuisine)
  6. We haven’t heard from Alpo yet. ______________________ (telephone/them)
  7. It’s very cold in here. _____________________ (get/a new heating system)
  8. There’s too much typing to do. ______________ (call/a temporary secretary)


Exercise 149

Read this e–mail about business customs in Colombia.

To: Mr. Brendan Dunn, bdunn@renta.com

From: Marta Alvarez, malva@dalta.com

Subject: Your trip to Colombia


Dear Mr. Dunn:

You asked about Colombian business customs, and it’s my pleasure to give you some advice to help you during your first trip to Colombia.

  • Colombia is a hot country, but men should wear dark–coloured suits, white shirts and ties to work.
  • Business cards are very important. Your card should be in English on one side, and in Spanish on the other.
  • Don’t leave meetings quickly. You should stay and have some non–business talk before you go.
  • You should schedule meetings two to three weeks in advance. Don’t make back–to–back appointments. You should leave two to three hours between meetings.


Exercise 150

Now write an e–mail to Mr. Dunn about business customs in your country. Some possible topics to include are:

business cards conversation topics table manners
greetings and introductions business entertainment weather
meeting manners clothing  


Exercise 151

Here is some advice about learning English.

  1. Buy a good English–only dictionary.
  2. Don’t translate every new word you learn.
  3. Try to think in English.
  4. Learn words in complete sentences.
  5. Buy English–language newspapers.
  6. Don’t think in your own language when you speak English.
  7. Read English books, too.
  8. Don’t stop when you see a word you don’t understand.


Now make sentences about what you should and shouldn’t do.

  1. I should buya good English–only dictionary.
  2. I _____________ every new word I learn.
  3. ______________ words in complete sentences.
  4. __________ try to think ______________________ .
  5. _______________________ in my own language when I ______________ .
  6. _______________________ English–language newspapers.
  7. ________________________
  8. ________________________


Grammar notes

Глаголы +ing

После таких глаголов, как like, hate, love, stop, start, finish, preferи выражений tired of, bored with, fed up with, can’t standупотребляются глаголы с окончанием – ing,например:

I like typing. She’s fed up with typing.

Simon hates typing. Anne’s tired of typing.

Stop smoking. I can’t stand typing.

Exercise 152

Translate into Russain.

  1. Have you finished writing?
  2. I like skiing, but my sister prefers skating.
  3. She likes working in the office.
  4. She stopped coming to see us.
  5. Poly hates touching spiders.
  6. My father’s fed up with cleaning the car.
  7. They’re tired of getting up early every morning.
  8. Children love watching cartoons.

Exercise 153

Make up sentences.

  preparing reports
I love listening to pop music
  working in the office on Sunday
I like typing letters
  visiting foreign partners
I don’t like telephoning
  speaking English
I hate using a computer
  making coffee
I’m fed up with entertaining guests
  making desicions


Exercise 154

Helen does not like being a secretary. These are all things she says to Simon about her job. Write sentences like this:

1. I write a lot of letters, but I don’t like it. – I don’t like writing letters.

1. I answer the telephone all day long and I’m fed up with it. – ___________

2. I take shorthand every day and I can’t stand it. – ____________________

4. I use the photocopier a lot and I don’t like it.

5. I type all day long and I’m bored with it. – __________________________

6. I open the mail every morning and I hate it. – _______________________

7. I write memos all the time and I’m tired of it.– _______________________

8. I go home on Fridays and I love it. – ______________________________


Exercise 155

Mary, Ann, Simon, Helen and Sheila are having lunch together. They are sitting round a circular table and talking about what they like and what they don’t like about their jobs. Each person likes one thing and doesn’t like one thing. Use the information in the sentences to fill in a copy of this diagram and then answer the questions.



1. Sheila is sitting between Ann and Mary.

2. The person on Simon’s right does not like using the telephone and the person on Simon’s left likes going home.

3. Sheila likes meeting people and Simon does not like filing.

4. Ann is sitting on Helen’s left.

5. The person on Sheila’s right does not like typing and the person on Sheila’s left likes writing letters.

6. Helen is sitting on Simon’s left. Mary is on Simon’s right.


1. Who likes working at BOS?

2. Who does not like taking shorthand?


Exercise 156

Answer the questions on the above information.

1. Who doesn’t like typing? ___

2. What does Ann like? ______

3. Who likes going home? ____

4. Who doesn’t like openning letters? _______________________________

5. What does Helen like? _____


Exercise 157

Ask and answer the questions.

1. the girls / eat chocolate

(like) Do the girls like eating chocolate?

(Yes/love) Yes, they love eating chocolate.

2. Fred / visit customers


(No, hate)__________________

3. Helen / get up early


(No, fed up with)____________

4. Simon / play football


(Yes, love)__________________

5. Sheila / clean the car


(No, hate)___________________

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