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Learn carefully the structure of an inquiry-letter

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Pet Products Ltd. 180 London Road Exeter EX4 4JY England       25th February, 1997     Dear Sir,   We read your advertisement in the 'Pet Magazine' of 25th December. We are interested in buying your equipment for producing pet food. Would you kindly send us more information about this equipment: - price (please quote CIF Odessa price) - dates of delivery - terms of payment - guarantees - if the price includes the cost of equipment installation and staff training.   Our company specializes in distributing pet products in Ukraine. We have more than 50 dealers and representatives in different regions and would like to start producing pet food in Ukraine. If your equipment meets our requirements, and we receive a favourable offer, we will be able to place a large order for your equipment.   Your early reply would be appreciated. Yours faithfully,     V. Smurov Export-Import Manager

19. Draw up an inquiry-letter to an English company:

- сообщите, где Вы прочитали рекламу о производимых этой компанией мужских костюмах (men's suits);

- напишите что Вы хотели бы закупить партию мужских костюмов в количестве 200 штук;

- узнайте их стоимость на условиях поставки CIF Одесса;

- сообщите в письме, что, если Вас устроят цена и качество костюмов, Вы в дальнейшем сможете делать большие заказы;

- просите дать ответ как можно скорее.

20. Translate the dialogue into Russian:

- Sundel, Electrotech Sales Manager. Can I help you?

- Good afternoon, Mr Sundel. This is Mr Hart from Santina Hotel speaking. Have you got any refrigerators IPD Model 245?

- Yes, we have, but we have had a lot of orders for this model.

- What is its price?

- Its retail price is $460 per unit.

- What is the discount for a lot of 100 units?

- Usually we give a 5 % discount.

- Is there a discount if I pay cash?

-1 am not sure. I should consult with our Financial Manager.




- What is the minimum time for delivery?

- A month.

21. Imagine that your company takes part in an exhibition and present its products. A representative of an American company came up to you to ask some. Carry out the following actions :

- представьтесь сами и спросите, какую компанию он представляет;

- узнайте, что именно заинтересовало его в вашей экспозиции;

- опишите основные технические характеристики изделий, которые производит либо дистрибьютором которых является Ваша компания;

- отметьте те особенности изделий, которые, по Вашему мнению, выгодно отличают их от аналогичных товаров Ваших конкурентов;

- укажите на какой срок службы рассчитаны Ваши изделия, какова продолжительность гарантийного срока, какую поддержку Ваша компания оказывает пользователям этих изделий, сколько изделий и в какие сроки Ваша компания готова поставить покупателю.

22. Translate into Russian a letter ofproposal and answer the following questions:

a) What does the manager advertise?

b) What does the buyer look for, besides a good price?

c) Will anybody test the batteries? Who can the buyer contact?


Mr. Fred North Purchasing Manager  Broadway Autos   November 11,19_     Dear Mr. North,   Thank you very much for your enquiry. We are of course very familiar with your range of vehicles and are pleased to inform you that we have a new line of batteries that fit your specifications exactly. The most suitable of our products for your requirements is the Artemis 66A Plus. This product combines economy, high power output and quick charging time and is now in stock. I enclose a detailed quotation, specifications and delivery terms. As you will see from this, our nrices are verv comnetitive. T have arranged for our aeent Mr. Martin of Fillmore.  




23. Draw up an inquiry-letter of the director of the hotel and a company's letter of proposal of 50 refrigerators.

24. Read the text and answer the questions:

For most people, COMDEX (the big technology show held in Las Vegas) has become so huge that it is the most unmanageable show you can imagine. CeBIT is three times larger than that. It's almost unfathomable.

In CeBIT you can get an instant snapshot of the industry both from a business and a technological perspective. Which is why top executives and IT managers at nearly every major corporation doing business in Europe can be found in Hanover this week.

b) What two fairs is this article about?

c) Have you ever heard of these fairs?

d) Has your company ever participated in these fairs?

e) Have you got any idea what the abbreviation "IT" means?

f) What cities are these fairs held in?

g) Which fair is larger?

25. What in your opinion is more important to you or unimportant and useless at all:

a) Once you have said something, you cannot take it back.

b) Making a phone call is an easy way to solve a problem if у have no time to write a letter.

c) Keeping written records is helpful for future reference



d) If you make a mistake when you are writing a letter, you can correct it before sending it off.

e) If you want to show another person your feelings, never write a letter.

f) If you speak to someone face to face, it is much easier to be honest.

g) If someone owes you money, it is no use phoning him up.

26. Write an advertisement for a car, according to the example bellow. Make up questions for aech piece of information. For example: What sort of car is it?

Blue, One owner. Excllent condition. 20,000 miles . No accidents. J 2800

27. Match the verbs and the phrases, appropriate for them:

1. meet a. a lesson, from my mistakes, French
2. make b. a meeting, work late, to rain
3. accept c. the credit, early retirement, a chance
4. go d. a bribe, an invitation, responsibility
5. tell e. a suggestion, a call to someone, something clear
6. learn f. a report, a memo, a letter
7. take g. requirements, the boss, deadlines
8. write h. the difference, lies
9. begin i. bankrupt, up in price, well

28. Learn the structure of a follow-up letter. Translate it and answer the following questions:

Carson Inc. Bay Avenue  San Francisco July 23, 19_ Dear Mr. Carson: According to our records payment of our invoice No. 3823, sent to you in April, has not yet been made. As specified on all our estimates and invoices our terms of payment are 30 days. Your invoice has now been outstanding for 90 days. In the case of unsettled debt of this duration it is our company policy to take legal action. We would naturally prefer not to have to go so far. Would you please send us a check by return. In case you have or mislaid the original I am enclosing a




a) What is the usual term of business in Carson Inc.?

b) How long has the invoice been outstanding?

c) What is Mr Lacoste asking for?

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