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На сегодня все больше приобретают ценность знание иностранных языков. В этой категории мы добавляем тексты других языков, по которым вы можете обучаться.

ВИДО-ВРЕМЕННЫЕ ФОРМЫ ГЛАГОЛА Верны ли следующие утверждения? Веб-сайт www.spotlightonrussia.ru В каждом ряду однокоренных слов найдите лишнее (слово с омонимичным корнем) БАЗОВЫЙ ЛЕКСИЧЕСКИЙ МИНИМУМ РАЗГОВОРНЫХ ТЕМ (Модули 1-2) Аэропорт Ростова-на-Дону Анализ экспортных операций организации Административная ответственность за нарушения валютного законодательства АД-, ИН-, ТРАНС-, КОН-, ПАН-, СУБ-, ФЕЛЬД- Work with your partner. Discuss what you think the following expressions in italics mean. Make up dialogues/situations using these idioms WORDS AND WORD COMBINATIONS TO BE MEMORIZED WORD ORDER CHANGE DUE TO THE FUNCTIONAL SENTENCE PERSPECTIVE Why Parents Choose to Opt out of State System Why Foreign Languages Learning is Important for Us Who Uses Drugs and Why? Who do you think these myths are about? Do you think these myths are true? What Makes People Volunteer What Makes a Good Presentation What is an Immigration Card? What does this question mean? Why did the official ask it? What arguments can you give for or against each of the following statements Welche Substantive kann man zusammensetzen? Was kann man im Winter/im Sommer machen? Wahl der Bundesrichter Von mir und meiner Umgebung Vocabulary and speaking. 2.1 Match the pictures and the sports Vocabulary and speaking Vocabulary and listening Vocabulary and Grammar. Task 9.Study the models. Translate the word combinations Vocabulary and Grammar. Task 9. Look up the words in a dictionary and use them in the sentences Vocabulary and Grammar. Task 15. a) Study the patterns and say the following numbers in English: Vocabulary and Grammar. Task 15. a) Find words in the text formed from the following verbs and translate them into Russian: Vocabulary and Grammar. Task 14.Complete the sentences with the correct form of these phrasal verbs. pass through give back check in for fill in step through take off move on Vocabulary and Grammar. Task 13. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions, if necessary Vocabulary and Grammar. Task 11. Put these adjectives into the correct category. ancient bright dark disgusting fascinating portable modern woolen huge round Italian long Vocabulary and Grammar Visits (Arrivals, Tours, Departures) Verkehrsinfrastruktur in Weissrussland Verfassungsgerichtshof Rheinland-Pfalz. Richter Verfassungsgerichtshof des Landes Berlin. Gerichte in Berlin V. Раскройте скобки, поставив глаголы в правильную форму. Помните о соответствии времен в придаточных предложениях условия и времени V. The Tamber of the Voice Using facts from the article and other sources of information answer the following questions Use appropriate language from the box above to make statements explaining and justifying in the following situations Unit 1.1 Studying Customs Business UNIT 1. My scientific research work Two friends about the studies Twenty-eight Ways to Build a Solar System TRIBUNAL DE GRANDE INSTANCE Travelling on Business Transportsystem in Minsk Transportsystem Deutschlands TRANSLATION TRANSCRIPTION TRANSLATION OF PERIPHRASE TRANSLATION OF ALLUSIONS AND QUOTATIONS TRANSLATION AT THE TURN OF THE CENTURY TRANSLATION AND INTERPRETING TRANSLATING THE ZERO ARTICLE TRANSLATING THE INFINITIVE TRANSLATING THE ATTRIBUTIVE CLUSTER TRANSLATING TENSE AND ASPECT FORMS TRANSLATING SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL STYLE TRANSLATING RELATIVE PRONOUNS TRANSLATING PERSONAL PRONOUNS TRANSLATING PEOPLE’S NAMES TRANSLATING JOURNALISTIC (PUBLICISTIC) STYLE TRANSLATING GEOGRAPHICAL TERMS TRANSLATING BUREAUCRATIC STYLE TRANSLATING ABSOLUTE CONSTRUCTIONS TORTS: The Issue of Private Wrongs Tools of Macroeconomic Policy Things to do at a meeting They'll Never Go Home Again Theme The ROLE of a FOREIGN LANGUAGE in the MODERN WORLD Theme EDUCATION in GREAT BRITAIN THEMA 5: HAUS UND WOHNUNG THE WORK OF A CUSTOMS OFFICER The Virtual Customs Office The System of Tenses. Active Voice THE SYSTEM OF RED AND GREEN CHANNELS The Sociological Perspective THE PROCEDURE FOR INDIVIDUALS TO MOVE GOODS ACROSS THE CUSTOMS BORDER OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION The Problem of Employment The nature of marriage The Most Frequently Used Abbreviations The Moscow Law Academy THE MAIN BRANCHES OF CIVIL AND COMMON LAW The Houses of Parliament The history of scientific meetings The history of punishment THE HISTORY OF CUSTOMS The Future Lies in Schoenefeld The following terms introduce you to the people in the law. Complete these paragraphs with words or expressions from the box The English Judicial System The country and the city The consonant is a sound in the production of which the air stream meets an obstruction in the mouth cavity and a certain degree of noise is heard The Clinical Research Centre The Call for Papers closes June 15, 2006 The Birth of the Mighty Amazon The Basic Concepts of Reality Therapy Text: What is friendship? Text: Environmental problems Text 5. WHAT SCIENCE IS TEXT 3. EUROPEAN COMMUNITY TEXT 1. Postgraduate Education Task 9. Think about one of the most interesting inventions and speak about it Task 6. Read the postcard. Who is writing it? Where is he? What is happening there? Task 5. Make the dialogues using additional vocabulary and task 4 Task 4. Раскройте скобки, употребляя требующуюся форму прилагательного Task 4. Read and translate the dialogues Task 2. Distribute the words below into the three columns Task 1. Study the vocabulary Talks, Discussions, Consultations Table 1. The Range of Managerial Activities Syntaxique: on parle ainsi d’accent de groupe syntaxique SYLLABLE FORMATION. SYLLABLE DIVISION Sum up what the author says for and against egalitarian and elitist approaches to education. Add your own arguments Subjunctive Mood, Conditionals Subjunctive Mood – Object Clauses Strafverfahren und Zeugenstellung Staatsaufbau Deutschlands Speaking practice 1: Давайте познакомимся Southern Customs Administration Some stylistic hints for Russian users Solitude and Creativity Smuggling information collection Significance of Russian Elections Setzen Sie nun bitte die obigen Verben in den folgenden Text ein SECTION 3. RESPIRATORY DISEASES IN CHILDREN SECTION 1. MEDICAL INSTITUTIONS FOR NEWBORNS, BABIES AND CHILDREN Sebastian auf dem Bahnhof SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Sapphire plays supporting role for nanotubes Salat – Marmelade – Radfahrer Russia’s SPS standards Russian-English-Chinese Transliteration Chart Russian Customs Regulations Rostov Airport Customs REVISION EXERCISES TO LESSONS 4, 5, 6 Reported speech. Requests and Commands Reported Speech. Questions RENAISSANCE TRANSLATION Relevance of the Topic (Motivation for the Study) Reisevorbereitungen in der Familie Reduction is a phonetic process of weakening, shortening or disappearance of sounds in unstressed positions Reading and vocabulary. 2.1Read the text about higher education in Great Britain Reading and vocabulary. 2.1Read four interviews with first-year students Reading and vocabulary QUALITY CONTROL OF THE TRANSLATION PSYCHOLINGUISTIC MODEL OF TRANSLATION Problems for discussion PRE-FLIGHT FORMALITIES AT THE AIRPORT Practice reading the sentences, paying attention to the intonation Practice in Reading and Memory Work Pick out the words from the text that refer to the sphere of home-maintenance chores. Add some more referring to the semantic field of “household” Phrases related to the topic Phonological structure PHATIC FUNCTION IN TRANSLATION Paying the Price for News Pattern 1. LOW RISE ONLY Pattern 1. LOW FALL ONLY Pattern 1. HIGH FALL ONLY Passport and Customs Control PART V. PRAGMATIC PROBLEMS OF TRANSLATION PART I. GENERAL ISSUES OF TRANSLATION PALATALES / ПАЛАТАЛЬНЫЕ OLD RUSSIAN CULTURE AND TRANSLATION October 25 – Day of the Customs Officer of the Russian Federation New Rules at the International airport Nella casa dello studente My sister never eats fast food Moral Re-armament: History and Challenges Module V. LISTENING COMPREHENSION Module IV. PRACTICAL TASKS IN READING AND Module II. STYLISTIC USE OF INTONATION Microeconomics and Macroeconomics MI CASA. MI APARTAMENTO Menschenrechtssituation in Deutschland Meetings, Contacts, Exchange of Views Mathematical symbols and expressions Match the adjectives with the nouns they collocate with. Translate the collocations into Russian / Belarusian Marital status and related words Man spricht hier alle Sprachen MA – Master of Arts (postgraduate) Lungua – Cultural Barriers of E-mail Communications Listening and speaking Leave nothing to change Le Conseil des ministres Join the words to make phrases and translate them into Russian/Belarusian IV. Раскройте скобки, поставив глаголы в соответствующую форму. Помните о согласовании времен в придаточных предложениях условия и времени IV. Заполните диалог делового характера недостающими репликами и переведите его на русский язык IV. Note the difference in the degree and in the devices of expressiveness used in formal and informal speech varieties Islam in European Thought Intonational Styles and Speech Typology Correlation Intonation Revision Exercise Interview radio d'un demandeur d'emploi INTERPERSONAL FUNCTION AND MODALITY IN TRANSLATION Insert prepositions or particles where necessary Insert particles or prepositions where necessary. Translate the sentences into Russian/Belarusian Insert particles or prepositions where necessary. Translate the sentences into Russian/Belarusian

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